Friday, January 28, 2011

New best friend

What better way to spend a Saturday than doing spring cleaning of the whole house.Plus, I just had to burn the all the calories from sebungkus besar nasik lemak that I ate earlier this morning.

So I started with high-dusting of the ceiling fan, ceiling (as far as what I can reach), vacuuming, mopping the floor, vacuuming again , mopping again, vacuuming again - this goes on and on, I lost count how many times I actually did this. This whole routing (ritual?) is of course an influence from my mom - who else? Vacuuming every corner of the house, the wall, the ceiling, everything. Mind you, my mom made us wash our wall at least every raya!

My mom is so into cleaning, she always buys this cleaning agent. She will buy at minimum 3 bottles whenever she goes shopping. So last weekend when I went home, I took a bottle from my mom's kitchen cabinet.

Time to put my mom's favorite cleaning agent to test:

OMG, I loved it! I think I have used up at least quarter a bottle. Cleaning bathrooms never been this fun! I fall in love with this cleaning agent!

Meet my new best friend

P/S - I don't get paid to do this advertisement.

Monday, January 3, 2011

end of the year and new year

so i have been busy these past few months. to summarize, i've decided to do this!

cause they say, pictures say a thousand words.. so i hope this is enough to make up for me, not blogging for a long time!

now for new year, i thought i will list down my resolutions, so i have to do it - now that it is documented and displayed for public eyes.
  1. improve my solat
  2. follow road rules and drive carefully - this costs me quite significant amount of money last year
  3. be more open minded, less judgmental esp when meeting new ppl - oh yeah, and i think i am open to meet ppl (p/s: if you have single guy friend that u think may suit /like me, pls gimme a call)
  4. look for new house / new housemates
  5. care more about ppl who cares about me
  6. and the evergreen-never-come-true-every year's resolution: BE A NICER PERSON.
HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!! may this year bring you more and more happiness, berkat, health, money.... ermm... did i mention happiness already?

i know definitely this year will bring big challenges, pls pray for me that i have the strength to go through it.