Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quotes of the day

"although i'm hard on you, you know that i love you right?" - my boss
"hidayah memang, always last minute"- perempuan bitch

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New obsession

You know what girls do when they are upset?

They go shopping!

In my case, it's sightly extreme because I decided to go shopping for a house! Yay! Well, I probably should have mentioned... window shopping counts too.

I have been browsing around in internet and bookmarked few places. But nothing excites me more than this particular location. This particular condo is located in Ampang, which is very convenient, very close to my work place - Yes Hajar, betul2 depan Taman Cahaya.

So I contacted few agents, and set up appointment for viewing. Yes, that's I think the formal term that they use - viewing.

This condo is located right above a mall, well actually right behind a mall. They have everything in the mall, from salon, massage place, clothing stores, shoes stores, handphone stores, hardware stores, ATM, KFC, Old Town, Subway, Bread Story, and last but not least, a freaking Carrefour! They have like a secret door for the residents to go in and out from the mall, access card is required of course. I actually saw a man walking into the apartment's elevator with the Carrefour trolley - not too sure whether that's actually legal or not.

Just in case I am in mood for new jewelry, they have a Poh Kong too.

So anyway, I went to see 3 units, 1 normal apartment with 3 rooms - large, pretty, roomy, RM300K++.

I also checked out 2 SOHU (apparently stands for Small Office House Unit), which are the units that are located on 6th and 7th floor of the same building. The 7th floor is the swimming pool and the gym. 6th floor is the BBQ pit and playground.

The unit I checked out was facing the BBQ pit / park.

Of course, the right side photos are from internet lah!

THE view

Very nice indeed. Best window shopping ever. hehehe

If you must know, no, I am not buying a house just yet. Just looking around for now.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the truth

*photo stolen from nabilah's facebook*

well i suppose this is so true, except.... how could you forget pythagorean theorem?