Friday, November 26, 2010


i haven't update my blog for quite sometime, anyway.. i have survived these past few weeks. been super super busy at work.

and feel super sad about something, which i so far had only told one person - you know who you are.

anyway, am at a critical point to change the direction of my life. any suggestion? hehe

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


so after spending couple of hours in the office on eid day today, i decided to treat myself with some retail therapy.

so i walked to pavilion (i consider walking to pavilion from my office as a work out btw). went to the usual shops, decided not to buy anything.

just when i thought my moolah is save, i made mistake by entering parkson.

i first went to brand x counter, with intention only to buy the treatment essence - mine is almost finished. then the sales person started to tell me that i needed only couple more points for me to pick up free stuff with the existing points that i had collected so far. the free stuff offered happened to be the cleansing oil, which is something that i already used, and mine is almost finished too. so i 'had' to buy another moisturizer set, which happened to be on sale. the moisturizer comes in set which also contains the treatment essence in smaller package, which i so need for traveling purpose. it also comes with facial mask, which i just thought of buying this morning.

so anyway, turns out, i got 100 ringgit voucher from this purchase. i quickly go to the shoe section and try to find a nice shoe for work. did not find one. so i went to the handbag section with a mission... i MUST find a handbag more than 100 ringgit so i can spend the vouchers!

so the hunt begins. finally, i found myself a handbag that i think is nice, but obviously priced more than 100 ringgit. the handbag is 200++ ringgit, so i had to add another 100++ ringgit.

happy with 2 big shopping bags, i went back to my car and went home.

in the car, got me thinking, did i just spent money on unnecessary stuffs? i didnt think it was any waste of money since i actually needed the stuffs that come together with the other stuff that i bought. eventually i will buy them too, separately. so why not buy all in one shot right? to me this is nothing different than 'beli barang pukal' concept. or is this a shopaholic talking? no? what do you think?

before you answer, presenting.. my new handbag!! could you die?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


i love cuti in the middle of week. i feel like the world stops, so i have time to catch up.

random thought of the day - i miss my friends. i do. growing up sucks.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Qatar Airways

So I got to fly business class with Qatar Airways. The seat was spacious. I got to pick my seat, so I picked the one at the back all by myself. Immediately, I tried all kind of seat adjustment... including converting the seat into a bed.

30 min after take off, we were offered lunch from the menu.

And more food:

As if it was not enough, they also gave me, Godiva chocolate... and very very nice coffee... (NOT complaining)

Other free stuffs that I got were including amenities kit - traveling socks and eye mask, and beauty kit - lotion, moisturizer, lip balm, comb etc.

Of course, the entertainment packages were great! I watched 3 movies - Shawshank Redemption, Cyrus ( heh, i've always liked stupid movie like this, turned out, it wasn't too stupid), and Nodame Cantabile II... and series of friends and family guy in between.

The Qatar Airways crew were of course, super helpful and friendly too. All in all, I gave them 4.2 stars!

Friday, November 5, 2010

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go


OK, all set to go (I think). Called my trusted cab to pick me up to go to the airport. I wish there's somebody to be there at the airport to bid me off.. but I guess will have to be all independent by myself. Oh well, I better get used to it.

Bye people! Be good, and have fun with me not around! (I actually write this on stick-on notes and paste them on my team's office doors)